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Principal Investigator

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Adam P Cribbs, PhD

Adam Cribbs is Group Leader and Principal investigator in Systems Biology at the University of Oxford. His aim is to understand disease biology from a functional genomics standpoint.

Our group has a focus on developing novel single-cell sequencing technologies to decipher the complex biology that underpins disease. Specifically, we have developed a set of multiplexed long-read (Nanopore) single-cell sequencing technology. Using this technology, our goal is to understand how cellular heterogeneity encodes epigenetic function and regulation in complex biological systems. Outcomes from this work have facilitated the identification of candidate drug targets across multiple disease types, such as inflammation and oncology. As part of this on-going work, we are developing complex computational pipelines and creating machine learning software that enables the analysis and integration of the data.

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Current Lab Members

Jianfeng Sun

Postdoctoral Researcher

Anna James-Bott

PhD student

Anandagopal Srinivasan

PhD Student


Sarah Snelling

The Tendon Seed Network

Udo Oppermann

Chemical Biology and Epigenetics

Martin Philpott

Molecular Biology


Philippa Hulley

Musculoskeletal Sciences

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Affiliated Lab Members

Lorenzo Ramos-Mucci

Postdoctoral Researcher

Tendon Seed Network

Alina Kurjan

PhD Student

Snelling Group